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5 Ways To Style Your Bedside Table Like A Pro

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Bedside tables are a vital element of our bedrooms, but they can quickly become a dumping ground, filled with piles of books we may never read and other trinkets. Believe me, I've also fallen victim to having a hidden dumping site on my bedside table. However, there is an art to arranging a bedside table. Bedside tables are ideal for tying together the design of a bedroom, displaying your unique style and serving as a home for practical goods; a perfectly styled bedside table is a must have for every bedroom.

Unsure whether to go for a statement table lamp or a slew of accessories? Here are our top six Make Room certified ideas for styling and creating the bedside setup of your dreams that will look Insta-worthy all year. Let's get to it!

1. Light it up

Wooden bedside table lamp inspiration interior styling
Image Credit: Make Room

A nice table lamp is a must-have for one nightstand. In terms of height, go for lamps that are 70 to 80 centimetres tall overall on a nightstand that is also similar in height. And don't be afraid to go for something unique.

Do you think a table lamp will make your arrangement too crowded? A wall lamp installed over the nightstand is the ideal solution. If you do this, you may find yourself questioning how you should use the space. So, when deciding what objects to style your surface with, consider the rule of three

Tip: Your lamp can easily function as a sculptural piece of art so dont be afraid to go for something unique!

2. Rule of three

Neutral brown wood bedside table gold lamp interior styling
Image Credit: Make Room

They say that good things come in threes, and in the world of design, this saying takes on an even greater significance. According to the rule of threes, odd-numbered groupings are more appealing, memorable, and impactful than even-numbered groupings.

Consider sticking to three accessories if possible, both for aesthetics and to reduce clutter. This might include one lamp, one photo frame, and one book. If you choose less than three items, the overall look may appear sparse and lacking in thought and creativity. Maintain a consistent scale and try to vary the pieces in terms of style/function, and you'll have a successful design in no time.

3. Pick a theme

Hamptons style bedside table interior design blue and white table
Image Credit: Cranmore Home & Co.

Now that you know how many items to go looking for, you’re going to want to start thinking about your home’s theme (click here to take our quiz and find out your style if you're not sure).

The decor you choose for your bedside tables should mirror the overall aesthetic of your home. If your interior theme is Hamptons style, with wonderful whites and blues, and your bedside table has a random bright red cat ornament on them, it could be aesthetically startling. But hey, interior styling is flexible, with rules that are meant to be broken. So if that random cat ornament is not so random to you, let it shine on your table!

4. Symmetry or not?

Pink bedsheet with black lamps bedside table interior styling
Image Credit: Make Room

Playing with symmetry is an eye-catching technique that is always appealing. Consider a "mirror image" style with similar bedside arrangements on either side. Twin table lamps bring elegance to a room and are a lovely way to frame a bed. This looks best in a more formal, adult setting, so if that's what you're going for, we highly recommend giving it a shot.

Image Credit: Emily Henderson

If the matchy-matchy look isn't for you, and you want a more casual, laid-back aesthetic, then try something asymmetrical - experiment by offsetting the visual weight of opposing shapes or sizes. If you have a tall table lamp, for example, you can balance it off with a wide but shallow ceramic tray. A chunky candle will pair nicely with a delicate trinket, and so on.

5. Nature

Image Credit: Architecture Art Digest

You can never go wrong with greenery.  And what better way to add texture while keeping things colourful then with some seasonal flowers? Another way to bring the outdoors indoors and to feel more connected to the outside world is to use living plants.

But don't feel hopeless if you have a brown thumb. To liven up your space and prevent the heartbreak of killing a plant, you can easily opt for dried flowers, pampas grass or even faux palms and stems.


Hope all of these tips will prove to be helpful now that you are about to embark on your most beautifully styled bed setup. If you don’t know where to start or just need some inspiration, click here to see plenty of stunning bedrooms that we have designed. And as always, thank you for reading, I'll catch you around in the next blog post!

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