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3 Big Trends of 2024: Copenhagen Edition

Hello there, you're in for a real treat!

We'll be sharing with you our 3 big trends we found at 3daysofdesign, at Copenhagen this past June. It was such an overwhelming experience for us, and now we're excited to share them with you. Let's talk about our first trend:

Source: Audo

Colour drenching is proving to be an upcoming trend that isn't going away anytime soon. It involves pairing items in the room with different shades of one colour. Think walls, trim, baseboards, built-ins, and ceiling even. It requires great attention to detail when shopping for furniture, and down to the painting of the room. But the effort pays off!

Our pro-tip to colour drenching: Every well designed room needs light, shade, tension, and focal points. This means that you should steer away from simply dressing everything in the same shade as they will camouflage with each other. Instead, create layers by introducing different shades and materials. This surely needs extensive planning and mood-boarding before going to the stores, so head to the drawing board and start piecing together inspiration to form a clear vision of the final look of your room. When it comes to material choices, be bold to explore suede, wool, sheers, and even bouclé.

What's bouclé? That leads us to our next big trend.

Source: Norr11

Source: Montana

Source: Paustian

Source: &Tradition

These two materials were not shy at all at this year's design festival, We saw them everywhere, loud and bold.

We see chrome being used in the most unique ways: in chairs, counter tops, and even as decorative. You might wonder if chrome creates a cold atmosphere, but it actually elevates your home even as a simple touch to a furniture. These chairs you see here showcases our point beautifully. Chrome makes your furniture the focal point of the room.

Source: Norr11

Source: &Tradition

Bouclé (boo-klay) sounds like a very bougie word, because it is. It is luxurious material to the touch, and makes your sofa or couch look like a million bucks. Given that there is a massive resurgence of neutral and tonal aesthetics, the nubby texture of bouclé is the wonderful pairing with muted colours.

Our pro-tip to material selection: When choosing the right materials for your home, start by defining your style: clean, whimsical, or industrial? Next, opt for durability and consider your lifestyle: will your furniture be easily damaged by Louis, your beloved cat? Don't forget about comfort, you have to test pieces for cozy sits. Remember also that the right scale and proportion will harmonise your space. As you blend these elements, your home will gradually reveal its transformed self.

Source: Norr11

Source: Muuto

Source: Paustian

Source: Helle Mardahl

We couldn't help ourselves but sink into these soft sofas and couches throughout the festival. That's the magic lure of furniture that embraces curves to the extreme. We were delighted to see that designers were getting bolder with soft edges, without loosing its functionality. This new wave of curves tell us that your regular furniture at home could take on forms that our of the ordinary. We can evolve from "2-seater sofas" to an art piece that can be sat on.

Our pro-tip to embracing soft forms: This could be a game changer for your home. Look around it and imagine if every piece of furniture came with rounded corners; it will surely soften the entire feel in an instant without changing any colour. The truth is, most furniture probably has sharp edges. So the next time you shop for a new item, think of how this one thing can take on an extreme form of softness to contrast all your other pieces at home.

"How can I apply these trends to my home?"

It can be quite daunting to even begin shopping for an item that will change the feel of your space. That's why we're here to help! Drop us an email , or WhatsApp us directly from our site, and let's connect to see how we can help elevate your home with these latest trends. We'll speak to you soon! Meanwhile, show us some love and follow us on Instagram.

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