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  • Which package should I go for?
    Speak to our design team - your best bet is clicking ‘Start your project’ to share some basic information about your project before scheduling a complimentary, commitment free call with a designer to advise you on the most suitable package.
  • How long do projects take?
    How long is a piece of string! Each project follows a unique timeline. You'll be pleased to hear we’re accommodating, so let your designer know your desired timeline at the beginning of the project as lots of things have an impact on how long your project can take. For the design stage we reccomend allowing: Room Transformation Package: 2-4 weeks + lead times Traditional Interior Design: 1-3 months + renovation + lead times
  • How much should I budget for a project?
    This is kind of like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Lots of things have an impact on the cost of a project: what you’re looking for, the size and state of the existing space, the brands and finishing you want and the speed you need to get things done. Once your designer has an idea of these things, they can recommend a feasible budget to get you started, but to get things as accurate and personal as possible it’s always helpful to share what you’re comfortable spending as part of your brief so they can ensure that your proposal is sensitive to this.
  • Why do I need to share my budget?
    To ensure your designer can make your proposal as accurate, personal and feasible as possible, it’s important you share what you’re comfortable spending as part of your brief so they can ensure they only propose ideas inline with your brief.
  • Do I need to pay upfront?
    Yes, all projects will require an upfront deposit payment. Check out the comparison chart on our Service Menu for more details.
  • Is it difficult?
    Nope! We do all the heavy lifting for you, so the design process for your new space is easy and enjoyable.
  • Can I get a discount?
    Yes! We offer 20% discount on our Room Transformation package for three or more rooms, and our traditional services all have custom pricing.
  • Do we get access to your Designer Discounts?
    Your designer will work hard to make sure you’re paying the best retail price for the furniture, accessories and works they specify, which will include any quantity discounts or offers given by the vendor. Occasionally vendors offer Make Room a loyalty commission (sometimes referred to as a ‘Designer Discount’). This is not applicable to the retail pricing you will receive as part of your Design Proposal.
  • Can I gift your design services?
    Yes! We think 'The Stylist' packages makes the perfect gift. It's all inclusive, so the receiver doesn't need to pay anything extra, taking the stress out of their redesign! Here are some ideas: - Wedding gift: help newlyweds personalise their first home together - Mother’s or Father’s day: give your parents that push to finally convert your old bedroom into that study or gym - Baby shower: help your friends get their home baby ready and baby proof! - WFH: stop your partner complaining about how they can’t work from home with an inspiring design injection. - Christmas: not only a generous secret santa surprise, this would make the ideal gift for any family member looking for inspiration at home Get in touch to find out more...
  • Do you do gift vouchers?
    Not at the moment - get in touch to see if we can do you a one off!
  • Is there a time limit on the voucher?
    Yes, your giftee will have 6 months to activate their voucher and start their design process!
  • Do I need a Stylist or a Designer?
    All our stylists are qualified designers, so ask them directly in your free consultation. We've designed our services to be as flexible as possible, which is great if you're not sure what you need or change your mind half way through. If you’re not sure what to choose or want to talk through your options, clicking ‘Start your project' to share some basic information about your project before scheduling a complimentary, commitment-free call with a designer to get advice on the most suitable package.
  • What is Interior Design / Interior Styling?
    We get asked this a lot! Check out the Services section
  • What is the Curated Styling Collection?
    The Curated Styling Collection is an exciting new product! They are limited edition styling packages, based on a curated collection of products and suppliers Barbara has collated. These packages are room specific and limited to the curated suppliers - great for those looking to sprrose up a space or wanting a change.


We imagine you have lots of questions as you embark on your exciting interior design or interior styling project, here’s a collection of ones we get asked a lot. 


If you have project specific questions we recommend you click ‘Get Started’ to put together your brief and then you can schedule a call with our design team and ask away!

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