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How To Style A Bed 5 Ways

If there's one area in the house that gets way too easily overlooked, it's definitely the bed. We spend so much time in bed, and yet we still somehow neglect to put in that little extra thought and effort it takes to dress our beds. For me, a pretty bed will completely transform the room without making any major changes to the space. It's so easy to inject personality, switch up styles, and play with colours, textures and layers with a few key ingredients that won't break the bank.

So we took the opportunity to style the same bed, 5 different ways, to show you how simple and effective it is. Get ready to be blown away by the impact it makes!

Look #1: Zen Haven

For this look, we stuck to crisp white sheets and very neutral-toned linen throw to add in a bit layers and dimension to the styling. We kept it completely neutral in tones, letting the earthy bed frame and bedside tables shine.

Look #2: Rustic Simplicity

For a more rustic approach to minimalism, we didn't bother with throw cushions at all. Instead we used a very soft pattern in the bedding to add texture, and to contrast a more plush type of bed styling, we scaled back on the layers to keep it ultra-simple.

Look #3: Paired-Back Femininity

This look is all about the pop of colour and print on the quilt. It completely changes the mood of the room by bringing a bit more life and vibrancy. We added in vivid white throw pillows for a just slight plush feeling, and they pop nicely against the beige pillows behind.

Look #4: Modern Africa

The grey bedding here cools down the warmth in the room brought by this gorgeous teak bed frame. We went with lots of patterned throw cushions for the dimensionality and texture and again added a layer with a light throw.

Look #5: Scandi Minimalist

And finally, we brought in a strong bold colour to pop beautifully against the wood tones, but this shade of green accentuates the natural material of wood so well as it is reminiscent of nature. So had we gone with a neon green duvet cover, this again would be a completely different look and perhaps one that would clash. But by working off the character of the bed, we were able to once again create a completely different style instantly.

So now you see all it takes is with a simple change of bedding, a combination of new throw pillows, and maybe a slight change to the bedside table or lamp. It really is that simple to create a beautiful bedroom makeover.

The best part is all of these things are affordable and tangible - you can take them with you wherever you go which is especially great if you're in a rental or thinking of moving in the future.

Hope you enjoyed this quick styling tip!

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