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The Importance of a Rug

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

If I lived and worked in a colder climate, I’m not sure I would have to work so hard to convince clients to include rugs in their home styling as much as I do now! It might seem unnecessary to some of you in a hot, sticky and humid climate to have rugs in your home, but think again! There’s a number of reasons why I will almost ALWAYS include rugs in my styling proposals… anyone that needs convincing, read on to see if I can change your mind!

Sitting Pretty

I’m not going to lie, one of the biggest reasons I’ll choose a rug is purely aesthetic! They can be so pretty to look at, and so lovely to feel under your feet. We’re used to our floors being hard and cold, and a rug with a soft rug will make elevate the look of the room. Besides your sofa or bed, a rug will be the biggest item in the room, so it really draws your eye in and might the first thing you notice in the space. By drawing your eye to that specific area, it really helps to create invisible walls within a room. This can be super important when you’ve either got a small space and you’re trying to cram a little home office nook next to the living room, or on the other hand when you’ve got a nice big open plan kitchen that spreads into the dining room. By having a rug in one area, you’re demarcating it as it’s own corner or room. A rug has the power to anchor your space and help make things feel more structured and less like they’re floating in space.

Cover It Up

Especially in rental homes, we don’t have much flexbility when it comes to the flooring. Maybe it’s the wrong shade and conflicts with the style you’re trying to create, or it might have some scratches and flaws that you don’t want to look at every day, so simply put, a rug is ideal for covering up the floor you wish you could change. You can be playful yet practical by throwing a couple down on the floor and layering them, or grab one large one to make the space feel bigger and potentially more open. Whichever way you go, a rug is a far more affordable option to changing the look and feel of the flooring if you’re not undergoing massive renovation plans.

Playing Dress Up

You might think that achieving a certain interior style is as simple as buying a couple nice chairs, a table, maybe a cute lamp, but please don’t stop there! Don’t underestimate the importance a rug will play in tying together the vibe or style. It might be that missing element that takes the room from boring to boho or half-done to Hamptons chic! You can add in colour, pattern, texture here without it being as permanent as wallpaper or wall paint, or you can equally as easily tone down the space with a simple, neutral rug. When it comes to styling, the number one rule is have fun!

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