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The Biggest Interior Trends of 2021

Photo: Vogue Australia

We've all had a transformational and challenging year in one way or another, where the meaning of home has either changed or evolved to some degree. A year ago, we were used to the daily grind of long hours outside of the house - commuting, traveling, dining, working, exercising, partying. Now we've managed to cram that all, somehow, into our humble abodes. As we settle into this new way of living, we're adjusting the spaces we live in, too.

Trends come and go regardless of a global pandemic, but with all this time spent at home, there's a definite gravitation towards finding extra comfort (turns out working from bed isn't so cool if you have to do it 24/7). There's a newfound focus to the joy that considered design can bring and while rattan and mid-century inspired wooden furniture looks amazing, we're seeing more and more plush, squishy and soft furniture that we can be comfortable lounging in all day long.

Below, we're sharing the top trends of 2021 to keep your eye out for, and the simplest ways to bring them into your home this year.


Design: Sarah Ellison

Big, soft and comfy - that's how we'd describe the all the gorgeous lounge furniture flooding our Pinterest and Instagram feeds in the last few months. With the harshness of the world around us, it's no surprise there's a pull towards squishy and tactile home decor. But more obviously, we are all seeking ultra-comfy furniture to enjoy our time in these days.


Design: 2LG Studio

There's been an explosion of wiggles, squiggles and wave-like designs in every home accessory you can imagine - mirrors, vases, chairs, cushions, candles, you name it! It's playful, trendy, and just oozes with happiness if you ask me. And I think that's what we all need this year, so I'm loving this trend.


Photo: Vogue Magazine November 2016

More and more we've been seeing a revival of this classic look. A space like this immediately feels lived in, welcoming and the epitome of cosy. Any home with a fireplace, patterned wallpapered walls and plush sofas upsholstered in grandma-chic florals is bound to transport you straight to the English countryside. It's a


Photo: Glitter Guide

I'm always drawing inspiration from fashion and lately the lovely shades of lilac and pastel-toned lavender are everywhere. It's a soothing yet invigorating colour that can be used to add a little spark of magic in any room - be in the form of wall paint, bedding, or smaller decorative accessories.


Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

We're starting to see less and less of the hyper minimal, super clean, white-washed minimalism. Interior design can still be clean, fresh and bright without losing personality and a graphic marble with a bold burgundy vein like this Calacatta Viola marble adds instant sophistication to this otherwise neutral and paired back bathroom.


Design, styling & photography: Make Room

A bed is likely one of the biggest furniture investments you'll make so it's understandable to see so many "safe" choices out there but we're here to convince you to throw "safe" out the window in 2021. Think of the difference in your happiness levels if you were to go to bed every night and wake up every morning in a stunning bed!


Photo: HAY Design

The same way rattan has made a hugely successful comeback recently, pleats are going to be big in 2021. With strong roots in the seventies, and commonly seen in vintage Danish design, we've seen pleated details in upholstered armchairs and textile accessories like cushions, but the showstopper is in these beautiful lampshades.


Photo: Zara Home

Earthy tones. Natural materials. Rustic textures. Raw finishes. It's the perfect combination for a soothing interior. With a scaled-down approach to colours and styling accessories, each choice is considered and significant. It's a timeless trend that we'll see lots of this year.


Photo: Not On The High Street

Only those living under a rock will have missed this one! Candles are going through a great renaissance and I love it - it's such a cheerful and yet oh so simple way to bring a little sparkle into your home styling. Pillars, twisted, round, shells - you name it, you can find a candle in such a range of beautiful shapes making for a fun way to style any shelf or surface at home.


Photo: Chris Loves Julia

For anyone that doesn't believe that all trends get recycled and reinvented constantly, surely the wallpaper galore we've been witnessing in recent years will put that to bed. Long gone are the days we need the feel to smoother every single wall in a drab or overwhelming pattern, but a more thoughtful and considered approach is here to stay.


Design: Natalia Miyar

And last, but definitely not least: the home office! We have seen a seriously massive increase in requests for home offices and it's obviously comes at no surprise. Carving out a space to dedicate to work at home is crucial to feeling settled, productive and focused. Looks like this is one that is the biggest alteration to our lives, and one that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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