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The Best Paint Colours for Any Kids Room

For anyone that has ever had a peek at the Make Room portfolio, it should come as no surprise that we are huge believers in painting a wall or two. It might feel like a huge step to take, especially when it's easy to get overwhelmed with the seemingly endless range of shades and hues. But once you've picked that perfect shade of blue, the rest is easy peasy! Painting a wall - whether you choose just one in a room to highlight and make a feature out of, or all 4 walls to create a cosier atmosphere, it's surely one of the easiest and most effective ways to completely transform your space.

So when we starting building our Kids Room Styling Packages, the first of our Curated Styling Collection, we knew we had to team up with Singapore's VOC-free paint experts, gush. These homegrown geniuses have innovated paints that also purifies the air, to give you a healthier living environment. Needless to say, this is especially important for kids rooms!

So to save you hours of double guessing yourself and annoying your not-so-patient spouse, here are our gush paint colours perfect for your kids personality!


For a child that is creative and loves colour, I love mixing deep earthy hues with softer pastel tones. It's likely an artistic kid will have lots of paintings and drawings taking over their walls already, so I'd recommend using a terracotta-inspired soft red like Terra (B682-C), or a soothing sea-inspired pale blue like Cloud (B602-A). These hues are stunning together or individually, so it's up to you to get creative with how you use them!


For the young Einstein, it's best to keep it minimal, leaving their mind free to think and learn. A soft neutral on all walls - and yes I think of blue sometimes as a neutral! - will help make the room for cosy and snug, without overpowering the senses. Geode (A475-B) is perfect for this studious kid!


We all know a kid that is full of life, a real ball of sunshine, bringing joy into every room! So their bedroom should be an accurate representation of that positivity and youthfulness. Painting the walls with fun colours is bound to make this kid happier than ever! Balance out the energy of the colours by using deeper colour shades along with warmer but paler hue so that the room doesn't feel too overwhelming. With the combination of A605-C, Amalfi (B692-B) and Crush (B415-B), you're bound to strike the perfect balance for this little dreamer.


Don't let COVID-times stop this young explorer live out their wildest dreams! By filling the room with exciting, unique and cultural elements, they're bound to find adventure daily in this incredible enclave of curiosity. Choose a lively blue wall paint like Dip (A524-C) to make the room pop with character without overpowering all the other interesting artifacts.


For those mini David Attenborough’s or Jane Goodall’s that love to spend their days outdoors, exploring the natural world and meeting all kinds of cool creatures, I recommend bringing a bit of the outside in for their dream bedroom. Earthy shades of green along with a mix of natural materials like rattan will immediately evoke a sense of discovery in your child. I personally love the pairing of Biome (A702-C) and Breadwinner (A221-A) and would love to create a two-tone wall where half the wall is painted green, and the other half is a light nude to bring warmth to the space.

Feeling inspired yet? Go on, give it a go - not only with your childs room feel and look completely transformed with a quick lick of paint, you can sleep soundly knowing they are playing, learning and creating in a cleaner environment, safe from VOCs and airborne pollutants. If you’re still looking for a helping hand, why not give our quick quiz a go with your kid - with 4 simple questions, we’ll tell you what style suits your child the best. Easy as ABC!

For access to gush’s full colour range, drop them an email at, or enquire on their website

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