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3 Outdated Trends That We Are Ditching in 2024

Toodle-oo Japandi.

2023 was packed with loads of delicious interiors in the design world. After working on many of them, the team has compiled a list of outdated trends that we're definitely ditching in the new year. Maybe Japandi is overrated after all? Let's dive right in!

OUT: Japandi / IN: Embracing colour and pattern

Yup we said it first. It is time to ditch that generic style of Japandi. We have come across many clients that come to us not knowing what their personal style is. They know they want the space to feel relaxing and "minimal", so? Japandi becomes the easy choice. Incases like this it's easy for you too loose your personal touch when you're simply following what Pinterest has to offer. Our advice is to go for the Japandi feel but also incorporate different patterns and fabrics. This way you get a home that feels like your own!

OUT: Barn Doors / IN: Crittall Style Doors

So, you know all those cool farmhouse vibes we've been loving, like shiplap and subway tile? Well, one thing that's stuck around, even with the whole move towards minimalism, is the barn door. You've probably seen them, those rustic sliding doors, especially the ones with those chill tone-on-tone finishes, hanging around in bathrooms or pantries. But guess what? Crittall doors are sliding in now, and they're here to stay for the next decade. The cool thing about Crittall doors is you can use them inside or outside, giving off this vibe like you've got a semi-translucent wall. Plus, even though they're blowing up on Pinterest and Instagram, it's not just a trendy thing. These doors have been rocking the scene for 150 years, and they're finally getting the props they deserve!

P.S. For all those in Singapore, Crittall doors can be hard to come by. But fret not, opt for aluminium frames in a black powder-coated finish for the same look.

OUT: Boucle / IN: Velvet

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, 2024 is ushering in a shift from the once-beloved bouclé trend to the reign of velvet. Bouclé had its time in the spotlight, weaving its textured charm into our homes, but now, it's time to make way for the allure of velvet. This year, think plush, luxurious velvet stealing the scene, gracing our couches, chairs, and throws. Velvet is more than just a fabric choice; it's a statement, a nod to a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. Here's to embracing the plush revolution and ushering in a new era! 🍸✨

Our design team is on hand to advise you, all you need to do is 'start your project' to tell us how we can help and schedule in a free, no obligation call with us.

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