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Mixing and Matching Your Dining Chairs

It may be tricky but we're showing you the right way to do it

We absolutely adore it when a room decides to dance to its own beat. While uniformity certainly has its charm, there's an exciting energy that comes from spaces that dare to be different. And, when it comes to infusing a dose of contrast into your home, there's no better arena for this creative experiment than the dining room – especially when it comes to the art of seating.

Here, we present some of our favorite examples of dining spaces that have mastered this art, along with expert tips on how you can orchestrate a similar symphony of seating. Keep reading on!

1. Odd Man Out: Embrace subtle changes for big impact

In the world of interior design, sometimes, all it takes is one subtle change to make a big impact. The "Odd Man Out" approach is perfect for those who want to play around with their dining room aesthetics while still playing it safe with the overall interior style. Imagine a room where all the chairs are in perfect harmony, except for one - the odd chair out. This lone chair, perhaps a different style, colour, or texture, instantly becomes the focal point. It injects an element of surprise and individuality into the space. It's like adding a dash of spice to an already delicious dish; it elevates the entire experience.

2. Every Chair For Himself: The Art of Eclectic Dining

Barbara Fritschy's dining area is a prime example of how embracing diversity in dining chairs can be both visually captivating and functional. In her eclectic space, each chair boasts a different style, build, and colour. Some might see chaos, but in reality, it's an intentional choice to create a visually interesting and conversation-starting dining room. With a spacious 12-person dining table, long dinner parties are a common occurrence. The mix of chairs invites guests to choose the chair that suits them best, ensuring everyone's comfort. Plus, it adds a playful twist reminiscent of a musical chairs game. Repeat guests even have their favourite spots, making each gathering more personal and enjoyable. What fun!

3. Sisters, Not Twins

For those seeking a balance between unity and diversity in their dining space, this approach is a winning strategy. You can achieve this mix-and-match magic by either sticking to the same colour family with different chair structures or opting for various structures in the same colour. This way, you maintain a cohesive look while allowing one element to set you apart. It's like having sisters who share a familial resemblance but have distinct personalities!


In conclusion, mixing and matching dining chairs isn't just about creating a unique look; it's about crafting a dining space that tells your story, fosters conversation, and invites comfort. Whether you choose the "Odd Man Out," "Every Chair For Himself," or "Sisters, Not Twins" approach, remember that the beauty of dining room design lies in its diversity and the personal touch you bring to it. So, go ahead, embrace the mix, and let your dining space reflect your individuality and style. Make Room for creativity at your dining table!

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