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Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

From bold walls to fusion styles, here's what we as designers expect to see more of in the next year.

You'll appreciate this list if you've been looking for the right opportunity to add more style, vigour, and comfort to your space. We can all agree that it has been difficult to return to pre-pandemic living conditions; however, this shift has also caused many of us to seek solitude and rest in our daily lives. With so much of our time spent indoors, creating a zen environment became a top priority. So with 2023 approaching fast, we see design choices continuing to promote home comfort and stability.

All in all, use this list of our top design predictions for 2023 to bring your own space to life in the coming year. Remember, if a gut renovation isn't in the cards for you right now, this forecast isn't a mandate. The right colour palette, hardware style, piece of furniture, or decorative accent can sometimes be all that is required to give a room a fresh, picture-perfect look.

Something that we as designers have realised, it's that planning ahead is the best way to keep your space feeling fresh, so lets dive right into these trend predictions and gear up for banging 2023


1. Wall lamps that double as art

Wall lamps are becoming more scene stealing, sensational, and stellar than ever before. They are now complete stars in their own right! Just positioned a little lower than you might expect. We believe in the importance of 'light washing,' which involves cleverly using bulbs to spread your walls with light rather than simply beaming down on them from above. When you combine that with the plethora of options for wall lamps, it's the ideal playground for expressing one's creativity and using it as art. From ceramic wall lights to an earthy mix of hues to incorporate a modern trend for your home, we anticipate seeing a lot more saturated colours, glossy rather than matte finishes, and more elaborate lamp shades. How exciting!

Click here to see the whole home.

2. Irregular statement rugs

Image Credit: Bemz

Irregular rugs have eye-catching designs that were undoubtedly created to dominate the floor. These type of rugs not only have an eye-catching print, but they also create a new design outline, quite literally, with their unconventional shape. Whether it's curvy, geometric, or angular, these home additions all have some 'out-of-the-box' thinking, and we're ready to embrace it. Neutral rugs will always exist, but we are loving the trend of rugs as functional floor art. These statement rugs will become a permanent fixture in the home, acting as a form of artwork that must also be curated in order to create the ideal environment.

3. Colour is back - BOLDER THAN EVER

Image Credit: Make Room

The neutral paints for walls appear to be reaching their end of life, with colour returning bigger and bolder than ever. After seeing all of our Make Room finished homes this year, we can confidently say that the market is ready for punchier looks in our homes, not being afraid to experiment with a bit of colour, and pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable for wall paints. In a more specific sense: all-over colour, in which rooms are saturated in a single hue from wall to ceiling. We are no longer bound to white. We're finally moving away from 'white, light, and airy' and toward depth and sophistication with darker tones like rust and green. Imagine all the unique homes with all this new ground for creativity.

Click here to view all of this bold home library.

4. I like big curves and I cannot lie

Image Credit: Olga Ashby

Maybe we're all just tired, or maybe we're not ready to give up the work-from-home, everyday athleisure experience, but many of us are still not ready for sharp edges in our interiors. For a long time, modern was very square, but we're seeing that things are softening up a little bit. Even in hardware, things are a little rounder—think more moon-shaped hardware. In 2023, rounded door frames, thresholds, and ceilings will be popular. Arches evoke an old-world architectural era and add a sense of timelessness and softness to any space and we are all here for that.

5. Activate your green thumb

Image Credit: Make Room

Have you ever heard of the term "Biophilic" ?

Biophilic design is a concept used within the interior design world to increase connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.

One way that biophilic design is growing in todays date is through the popularity of the "plant parent" in growing millennials and Generation Z. From hanging ferns to massive monstera leaves, orchids, and more, these greenery accents bring life and literal breaths of fresh air into our homes. Plants are not only on trend for 2023, but they also align with our ongoing efforts to incorporate the calming power of nature into home interior design in order to create an environment that promotes healthy living and mindfulness. But don't stop at plants if you want a cozy, earthy look. Use organic materials such as cotton, silk, wool, and clay in earthy tones and warm neutrals to add calming style to your interiors. Choose light wood furniture and complement it with natural materials like jute or textured cotton.

6. Dark is dashing baby - Cabinetry edition

Image Credit: Make Room

Darker wood stains and bold coloured laminates have taken the pedestal for this year but will continue to characterise much of the palette for 2023, from kitchens to mud rooms to vanities. Recently, black has become much more popular. It helps to ground a space and stands out beautifully against lighter colours, giving the room a pop. Who knew that choosing bold and dark cabinetry would allow you to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere without using a white or pastel colour scheme? Contrast is totally key and it's that eclectic look that 2023 is going to kick off with.

Click here to see the whole kitchen.

7. Japandi design for the win

Image Credit: Make Room

Japandi, as the name implies, is the most recent interior design style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese designs and emphasises minimalism, calming nature effects, and material warmth. They are used to create a sense of Zen tranquillity. To bring the best indoors, the Japandi style incorporates natural materials such as wood, bamboo, stone, or grasses. Going back to the trending topics of nature and serenity, the Japandi style is here to say, or even take, the world of interior design to a whole new level.

Click here to see the full Japandi style in action.


And that's a wrap! So, what do you think? Comment and let us know what trend you think is a confirmed trendsetter for the 2023 year. And as always, thank you for reading.

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