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How I Styled My Home Office in 3 Easy Steps

While we’re all on various “lockdowns” around the world, a lot of us are suddenly scrambling to put together some sort of home office. I used to be a parent that drew a clear line between home life and work life, and tried not to bring work home with me (can’t say I was always successful but I tried!). So now that we have no choice but to work from home, I’ve been struggling to find space and time that allowed me to be creative and productive. I quickly realised I was going to have to set new rules for the kids, pets and husband and create enforced hours where being disturbed and distracted was strictly not allowed! Even if you’re not a parent, it is way too easy to get distracted while at home, whether it’s your bed, fridge or netflix calling you, it can be hard to stay motivated and on the ball.

So my top tip for creating a home office is this: carve out a dedicated space, be it a teeny corner or a cosy nook - wherever it is and whatever it looks like, it should be a completely separate space from the one you sleep in, eat in, and chill in. Each room and area needs to function for something specific and to have its own purpose… It’s something I’ve been preaching to my clients since day 1, and right now I’m re-learning why it’s so important! I’ve set up in my bedroom, away from the aforementioned kids/husband/dog/cats (thank god for lockable doors!) and I’ve created a lovely little sanctuary for myself where I can really get in the zone and be productive.

Here’s how I styled my home office in 3 easy steps!

Step one: location, location location

This just might be the most important factor to a good home workspace. If you haven’t got kids jumping all over you or pets nibbling at your feet, a dining room table can work fine. But if you are someone that gets easily distracted, or you know you won’t get a minute of quiet headspace out in an open area, then opt for a more private room. Locating the right corner or nook is going to be crucial in finding motivation and drive to start work everyday.

Step two: the essentials

Think about what you would normally gather round desk or workspace - a warm table lamp to set the hygge mood, a comfortable chair, notebooks, pens and holders, an extension cord if needed to plug your laptop into, and any other bits and bobs you think you might need during the day - water jug, snacks, etc.

For the time being I’ve stolen my sons desk till mine arrives! And I’ve set up with a spare table lamp I had lying around the house, and my favourite chair that used to belong to my grandmother. Although it’s a little low for the desk, I just love it and it sparks joy, making me excited to get to work. Now that we’re working from home, we all have a chance to move away from the standard black and chrome office furniture and spruce it up a bit!

Step three: beautify

Speaking of sparking joy, it’s time to beautify your new office! Maybe I’m vain, or maybe I just need a pretty space to feel relaxed, creative, and driven, but oh my gosh it made a world of difference once I started styling my desk with colourful flowers and pretty vases. I stacked up a few of my favourite design magazines too for those quieter moments in the morning with my coffee, and I couldn’t do without pretty artwork and a lovely room scent.

I am genuinely excited to start work every morning in this new sanctuary (maybe getting a few minutes of peace and quiet away from the madness downstairs is something to do with it too…)! I can’t wait for you to give it a go. Let us know how you get on and if you need a hand from us please don’t hesitate to shout! Tag us in your before + after pics on instagram with the hashtag #behappyathome

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