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Hottest trend of 2023: Barbiecore in Interior Design

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Credit: Hamilton Design Associates

Who would have thought Greta Gerwig's newest pink blockbuster movie 'Barbie' would be stirring up the design world? Trust, we were shocked too. But one thing about Make Room is that we never fall behind any trends and put our twist in the coolest way possible.

This blog will be your one stop into all things pink and interiors. And if you're not a big fan of pink, we feel our shopping list and inspos might just change that! Scroll to see it all.

Wanting to create a pink paradise? We don't mean to scare you but, Barbie's Dream House might transform into an overwhelming, overly pink nightmare if you don't figure out your perfect shade of pink. From baby pink, pale pink, to the iconic hot barbie pink, there are a million different shades to choose from. And because this colour can make such an impact, it's important to select the right shades. Keep on scrolling to peak into different interiors and features with pink to see what gets your heart beating!

Credit: Hommes Studio

If you're looking to add a vibrant touch of pink to your space without the hassle of painting walls or replacing fixtures, furniture is the perfect solution. Not only is it easy to incorporate, but it can also make a bold statement, transforming the entire mood of the room. Take a look at this set of bright pink chairs, with a more muted pink side table. It's perfectly balanced with the white and greens of the walls, floor, and plant!

Credit: John Jetel

If you want to add in your favourite shade of pink but in a subtle way, pair it with your neutral creams and whites in your space! How about a blush pink headboard in front of a warm white wall?

Credit: Make Room

Credit: Andee Layne

Credit: Make Room

Bathrooms! A place where you would least except pink, right? But you'd be pleased to hear we've cooked quite a few her bathrooms for our clients even before pink was trending! Spot the micro cemented bathub? It was a HUGE hit on our Instagram. We think you'll love it as much as we did. See it all in our portfolio.

Before you go "I love that interior but where do I find that a piece like that?" We've got you covered! Take a look at our top 5 pieces that give off the perfect vibe.

1) Finnish Design Shop - Vitra's Panton Chair in Pale Rose

Starting off with this pale pink chair! Vitra's Panton chair is one of the best-known classics of modern furniture design. This can be used in any space such as dining, study, outdoors, and more. We have these in white in the Make Room office but now? We're totally considering swapping them out with some pink deliciousness. So if you want a pop of colour in your space, but not to crazy? This chair is for you.

2) Curated by Make Room - Pink Fields by Kate Dolan

Art work is going to be your go to if you love switching up your interior looks! Curated is our very own online art gallery and we've got LOADS of bright and colourful art pieces. And probably our most breathtaking work yet - Pink Fields by Kate Dolan! The closer you look, the more intricate shades of pink you see. And the sheer size of it? It is sure to make a statement that'll have your guests talking.

Discover this work and more on Curated right here.

3) Farfetch - Polspotten Zig-Zag Stool

Barbie totally has an eye for shiny objects, and this sculptural lacquered stool perfectly fits her taste. This versatile piece can serve as both a stool and a side table, making it a practical and stylish addition to any space! Personally, we would style the top with a pretty white catch-all tray and add in a hint of green with a plant! Pink and green is a classic combo that you can never go wrong with.

4) H&M - Oval Mirror

Mirrors go forgotten so many times. They occupy quite a bit of space on your wall and definitely don't go unnoticed. And as designers we make sure to give some extra love when sourcing out that perfect one. This frame from H&M is a total must have. It's simplistic design of the frame really reminds us of what you’d see in a dollhouse!

5) A Blush Pink Paradise Curated by IKEA

From the bed frame, to bedding, to curtains, IKEA displays how you can incorporate pink multiple times without overdoing it. Tap to see all the links to each product!

So there you have it! All the info, inspiration, and products you need to fill your home with all the shades of pink. While Barbiecore may not be everyone's cup of tea, there is a shade of pink for everyone. Remember, incorporating pink into your interior design is all about finding the right balance for your style. Embrace the countless pink shades, and let them add the type of mood you want to your living spaces. Happy styling!


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