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5 Open Shelving Ideas That Make Dusting Worthwhile

Cabinets are overrated (sometimes)

Open shelving can be a bit of a design debate, but guess what? We think it's a trend that's here to stay. Not only does it offer essential storage solutions in areas like kitchens, pantries, and dining rooms, but it also pretty much forces you to stay organised. When your glassware and dinnerware are on display, you'll find yourself Marie Kondo-ing those items you rarely use or truly adore—like that quirky pint glass from a charity event or the random bowl you inherited from a former colleague. Yes, it may require a tad more cleaning every week, but these setups will convince you that the effort is absolutely worth it!

1 - The wooden wonder

If you're devoted fans of Make Room, you've probably already caught a glimpse of our Creative Director Niamh MacFadden's home renovation at The Pinnacle. Among the many picture-perfect corners in this home, one standout moment is the delightful styling on the TV wall in the living room. These wooden shelves add a touch of rustic charm, limewash rustic charm hand painted effect, marble natural imperfections, the wood being antural material as well ties it togethr existing textures of the limewash and marble countertop.

2 - The acrobatic shelf

Running out of wall space? No sweat! In one of our recent projects, we made a brilliant choice by installing this shelf into the ceiling. And guess what? It turned out to be the ideal spot for showcasing lush greenery. By suspending a shelf from your ceiling, you not only optimise storage but also draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of extra height in your space.

3 - The classic double shelf

Keep that timeless charm intact by going for the double-decker approach! It's a classic way to bring open shelves into your interior design. In this lovely kitchen, these dual shelves work their magic, displaying glassware and handpicked decor items with grace. It's a seamless blend of style and personality that effortlessly adds character to the space.

4 - Three in one

Now, let's explore a more stylish approach to open shelving. As you step into this kitchen, you're welcomed by a trio of shelves adorned with mason jars for storage, a collection of books on display, and a sprinkling of decor pieces for that perfect finishing touch. It's the golden trio—the answer whenever you find yourself wondering what to display on your shelves.

5 - The accessories overload


Sometimes, shelves don't even need to be used for storage. At Make Room, we're all about the idea of using open shelves purely for aesthetic purposes when practicality has been covered. Forget about the mason jars and baskets; instead, go all out by displaying handmade vases, unique statues, or cherished family heirlooms that tug at your heartstrings.

Just think about it—how wonderful is it to have a dedicated corner meant for decorating? You can even return every few months or so and switch up the style as your heart desires!


Feeling inspired? We sure hope you are! And what's even better than having your dream home brought to life by the very people who ignited your inspiration? The Make Room team is all hands on deck and ready to guide you through the wonderful journey of creating

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