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5 Easy Ways To Make An Impressive Entrance

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Not everyone is blessed with the extra space as you enter a home to create a huge, grand entrance. But that doesn’t mean it can't be completely jaw-droppingly gorgeous!

In Singapore especially, it often feels like there just isn’t enough square footage to carve out a whole new “room” just for an entry way/shoe cabinet/console area but I have news for you! While it’s easily one of the most overlooked areas of a home - I get it, everyone’s busy day dreaming about their cosy living room or open-plan kitchen - I think it could easily be one of the most important areas to factor in some brainstorming time for. After all, it’s the area where you first step into after a long day, or where you eagerly welcome friends and family, so you want to set the tone for the rest of the home. And if you know me, you know it’s not only going to look stunning, but it’s got to be practical, too! Think about all those shoes, school bags, keys, mail, etc… the list goes on!

Ok, ready? Here are 5 simple but effective ways to create an impressive entrance:

Let your floor shine

When you’re designing your home, skip laying the same flooring in the entrance as you will through the rest of the home. That way, you demarcate this area as it’s own little nook. This is an especially great trick for those of us that are limited on space and don’t want to make the space feel even smaller by erecting new walls.

Take a seat

So, talking about functionality versus aesthetics. It clearly doesn’t - and shouldn’t - be an either/or situation! Having a small bench or stool at the entrance is a great idea because it’s so functional for popping on or off shoes, laying your bag down, or just having a seat as you wait for your ride to arrive!

Hooked on you

Dress up you walls a little with some decorative wall hooks! They make for another great storage solution, and they can add a pop of colour and jazz up you walls. Your pretty handbag, cute schoolbag or funky hat all make for great display items that add a some personality to the room - so maybe don’t hang up your plastic shopping bag or half-broken umbrella!

Set the scene

Even if you don’t have a sprawling long entrance, think about the first step or two as you enter the home; you want to set the scene for what’s to come. Usually you wouldn’t want visitors to step right into the dining room, but think of the vibe and style you’re going for and try to inject that into the entrance. Whether you’re going for minimalism or boho, make sure you’re speaking the same visual language from the get-go (i.e. the front door!)

Style it up

Arguably the easiest, and the most fun, is styling the space with wall art, plants, a console and the like. There’s no need to crowd and overwhelm the space but you can’t go wrong with your favourite vase on a pretty console with a big leafy floor plant in a cute pot. And the best part about this tip? It’s not permanent and you can change it up every once a while!

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