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The Ultimate Guide to Interior Styles

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Ever get confused by all of these overused words and what they mean exactly? Me too! If there's one thing I've learnt being an interior designer and stylist, it's that there are way too many ways to describe that "modern Scandinavian" style everyone seems to want. But I've also learnt that most people just aren't using the right words to describe their interior style.

We’re breaking down the most popular interior styles, giving you simple tips to achieve the look in your home, the colour palette you should stick to, and lots of pretty inspo pics as well! Download the Ultimate Guide to Interior Styles here, and scroll down to get a taste of what to expect.


The Hamptons style is one that oozes with shades of blue, grey, white and it’s accented by plush furniture and often classic-style pendant lights. In order to achieve the look, shaker-style cabinetry is a must! Woody, earthy tones for flooring or furniture will compliment the light airy colours. This style is perfect for those with bigger spaces and people with an eye for detail.


Brands like Urban Outfitters and Anthrologie really embody the bohemian style with a modern touch. Using an abundance of colour and texture is key to nailing this looks, and you can never have too many green, leafy plants! By using vintage furniture, the look and vibe of the space will feel a little more authentic but you can always spruce it up with more modern accessories like hanging chairs and oversized rattan pendants. The boho interior style oozes warmth and personality, so it’s ideal for people that are drawn to colour and materials like tassels and fringe.


While Marie Kondo might have got you thinking about throwing away all of your belongings and adapting a minimalist approach to life, the zen minimalist style is not for everyone! To achieve the true style, you’ll want to love light-toned wood like oak and timber, and gravitate towards neutral tones of white, grey white and black. If you’re a neat freak, this might be the style for you!


Inspired by grunge-y lofts, the industrial style works beautifully with high ceilings and open-plan spaces. Black-framed steel doors and windows are a great way to create partitions and zones that are in line with this style. You’ll need to use a range of raw building materials like concrete, brick, wood and metals to successfully achieve the look. If you shy away from colour but love texture and character, the industrial interior style might be calling your name!

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