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The Makeover Manual: A Whimsical Scandi Home on the Singapore Marina

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Welcome to The Makeover Manual, your go-to source for all things interior design! In this exciting new blog series, you'll get an inside look at the complete process behind some of the most amazing interior design projects that Make Room creates. From start to finish, we'll take you on a journey and show you the behind-the-scenes action. Whether you're a design enthusiast, a homeowner looking to renovate, or just someone who loves a good makeover, The Makeover Manual has got you covered.

Let's dive right into this home located by the Singapore marina that feels whimsical yet sophisticated, with unique and personalised details throughout the space. Filled with charm, this home has stunning bespoke design features throughout making this blog worth the read!

Our clients embarked on a new chapter in their lives and wanted a comfortable space to spend their golden years. It's a familiar story for many who are transitioning into the "empty nest" phase and choose to downsize their living space. Our clients originally came to the development to test it out, but they fell in love with the location and ended up purchasing another unit in the condo. It's now time to make their new home truly feel like their own with a renovation that perfectly fits their changing needs and personal tastes

The clients had a keen interest in European and Scandinavian design — we immediately appreciated their eye for high-end, designer furniture! They were starting from scratch with their furniture but had a one-of-a-kind vintage dining table that was of great significance to them (keep reading on to see it!). Niamh, the interior designer of this one of a kind project, recognised their preferences and encouraged them to incorporate more colours into their design, starting with a dusty green kitchen and that’s exactly what we’re starting off this blog with!


When we first approached the kitchen design, we saw limited options for change in its layout. Our initial proposal was to open up the space by removing a wall, but our clients expressed their appreciation for the traditional concept of having separate wet and dry kitchens. This posed a design challenge, but it also sparked our creativity! With careful collaboration, we were able to find the perfect solution that met our clients' unique needs and preferences. The result? A beautiful custom-made kitchen that truly brought their vision to life.

We couldn't resist bringing in much needed colour with this dusty sage green for the cabinets and kept it neutral for the kitchen with a simple tiled backsplash. Another unmissable feature of this kitchen are the classic Nordic-design pendants. The peachy pink hue in these &tradition pendants just look stunning against the sage green cabinets don't you think?. Designed by Verner Panton, with its two opposing semi-circular balls is an icon of Danish design, these lights are never going to go out of fashion Funnily enough we found out that our client had these sat in storage in London already! So we simply had them shipped over and installed into the space. We chose this colour scheme because it keeps things clean and modern-looking without being cold or clinical-feeling at all!

Get ready for a touch of smart design magic! This hidden pantry is perfect for all of you that love a good carpentry moment. We included it in this kitchen because we knew it was going to be a busy space, and with the dry kitchen being in plain sight, we wanted to make sure our clients could hide away the clutter whenever they wanted. No more pressure to keep the countertops spotless all the time!

And now talking about the showstopper, our beautiful kitchen island! We wanted it to be big, bold and to make a statement, but at the same time not steal the spotlight from the rest of the home. So we went for a chunky countertop to give it that grounding feeling. This design style is a nod to the classic look but with a modern twist. The slim take on shaker style cabinets at the back are the perfect contrast to the bold island, making it stand out even more. Plus, the combination of modern and classic design elements just works so well!

The old flooring in the home was a real eyesore and definitely not in line with the Scandinavian design that our clients wanted to achieve. Ugly, grey and dirty looking. Eeek! We made the decision to replace it with beautiful, brand new vinyl flooring. This update gave the home a lovely, crisp look and helped tie everything together, especially in the stunning new open kitchen. By paying attention to the overall design, we were able to give the home the finishing touch it deserved!

Who's to say that colours dont belong in scandi interiors? Introducing a new and exciting art piece from our very own online art gallery, Curated by Make Room. We were just thrilled to see this art work featured in this home bringing in so much colour and energy to the space. This stunning work of art is created by the talented artist, Kate Dolan. It's vibrant, it's playful and it's a masterpiece. With a unique blend of colours, Kate Dolan has created a work of art that will capture your imagination and leave you in awe.

Don't miss out on the chance to discover and own one-of-a-kind pieces from the world's most talented artists. Follow us now on Instagram and stay tuned for the official launch.

We got creative with storage solutions to make the most of the space and add style. At the entryway, the large cabinet and custom dining bench are a real showstopper. They provide ample storage and a touch of elegance that's just perfect. And that tongue and groove finish on the cabinets? So subtle, yet so interesting!

Coming on over to the dining area, we wanted to create a warm and inviting space that reflects the family's style and personal taste, so we thoughtfully added pops of pink and peachy hues from the pendant lights and artwork into the custom dining bench. Not only does it add style, but it also provides additional seating and storage. The family's vintage dining table from Noden is a true treasure and a real focal point in the room. Its dark, rich colour contrasts beautifully with the lighter woods and adds depth and character without making the space look too uniform.

In the petite living room, we really wanted to maximise the feeling of spaciousness. That's why we raised the console off the floor, which also showcases the lovely rug.

Style tip! Bring in softness with a round coffee table to balance out all the angles in your space just like we did here!

Get ready for this relaxing and peaceful bedroom! We aimed to bring in the calming and tranquil feeling of being near water with the dusty sage green from the kitchen. This creates a beautiful and consistent theme throughout the room. The bedside table and lamps with their fluted curves add a touch of softness and elegance, making this a cozy and inviting space. And because storage is still important for our client, we made sure to include a massive wardrobe with full height linen panels to keep everything neat and organised. To finish things off, the custom curved headboard adds a unique and functional touch that truly completes the look. Time to sink into a serene slumber!

Design tip! Go for linen panels on you wardrobes to keep it light and airy with ventilation while also adding the perfect soft touch to your space.

This bathroom is a total showstopper don't you think? We went all out with intricate handmade tiles that are just stunning. The natural light from the huge window brings out all the beautiful shades of blue, creating a serene and dreamy atmosphere. And the brass accents? Pure genius! They bring a warm, inviting feel to the space and perfectly balance the cool tones of the tiles. And that free-standing bath? Pure luxury! Its curvy shape softens the space and adds a touch of sophistication, making you feel like royalty every time you soak in it. To top it all off, the trendy and modern arch above takes the cake. It adds a touch of softness and style, making this bathroom the ultimate oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In case you couldn't tell, we are over the moon about this Scandinavian home renovation journey! Working with our amazing clients to bring their dream home to life was an absolute joy. The minimalist, functional, and cozy vibes of Nordic design truly shine in this space, making it the perfect retreat for our clients to relax and make memories in. It was a thrill to bring this renovation to life and we couldn't be happier with the final result. We're sending big virtual hugs to our clients and hope they enjoy their beautiful new home for many years to come!

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