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My Top 6 Tips for a Beautiful Easter Tablescape

Our Easter long weekend is just around the corner and while we might not have a traditional spring season in Singapore, a long weekend is a good enough excuse to dress up and style your home with fresh colours and pretty decor. There's nothing quite like gathering around a dinner table for a long, laid back and indulgent meal, and there's no way I'm going to pass up a chance to style!

So here are my top 6 tips for styling a beautiful spring-themed tablescape just in time for Easter next weekend:

1. Construct a spring colour palette

Spring always reminds me of happiness and joy, as the flowers start to bloom and life to starts to come back to nature. So reflect this optimism in a lovely cheery colour palette. Go for the pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and green. If you prefer bolder colours, go for it! Keep the colour palette a little paired back and influenced by the nature around you. An earthy mustard and deep blue will look stunning with a big bouquet of eucalyptus. And those of you that are scared of colour, I hear you - keep it minimal! You can't go wrong with by using flowers as your pop of colour and go for more neutral tones for your table linen and ware.

2. Create a floral centrepiece

Creating a focal point other than plates and cutlery is going to be key styling a successful tablescape. If you're more of a minimalist at heart (or don't go round collecting jars and vases like I do!) choose just one large bouquet of colourful flowers. Don't be scared of size or scale, you want to add a little bit of drama! If you prefer a more natural, spring-like setting, go for lots of little bud vases rustically styled with 1 or 2 loose stems of flowers in each, and carrying it through the length of the table. It will feel like you're picnicking in a lush garden!

3. Use natural materials

Be inspired by the outdoors, the weather changing, the flowers blooming and bring that into your styling. Use a rustic wooden chopping board for snacks and food to share. Go for a linen tablecloth to soften the table, and use rattan placemats to add warmth and texture to the tablescape.

4. Layer your plates and linens

You can't forget about texture and dimension when creating the perfect tablescape. Instead of taking up the whole length of the table with side plates and cutlery and napkin and all the rest of it, stack upwards instead for a more visually pleasing approach. Choose a range of mix-matched plates and bowls, so that you get some really pretty textures and colours poking out the sides and adding that little extra pop to the table setting.

5. Dress the place settings with dried flowers or plants

And don't stop there! Break up the monotony of that smooth ceramic texture by bringing life back into the equation. A little dried stem of eucalyptus or even a small cutting from your fresh bouquet will make a huge impact in bringing back that spring feeling.

6. Skip the normal cutlery - go for gold

It's time to really add sparkle to your styling now! We use stainless steel cutlery every day and well, it's boring. If you're going through all this effort to wow your guests with your styling skills, swap your silver cutlery for something a little more exciting. Gold utensils just look absolutely stunning and will really tie everything together.

I'd so love to see how you put your own twist on a spring tablescape. Share your styling success with me on Instagram by tagging @makeroomsingapore and hashtag #behappyathome for a chance to be featured on our stories! Happy Easter!

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06 avr. 2021

love this!

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