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Make Room

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Make Room

Make Room


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We're a 

concept creating,  space surveying,  floor planning,  paint selecting,  furniture sourcing,  tile picking,  carpentry detailing, contractor organising,  project managing,  renovation running, accessory placing,  sofa fluffing,  photo taking, home making

design studio. 



Make Room was founded over a decade ago on the belief that everyone should be happy at home.


I was driven by the idea of making it as easy as possible to bring dreams to life and wanted to be able to offer everything anyone would need to design, renovate and style their home, all under one roof. Today, I lead an experienced design team to help our clients with everything from defining concepts to placing picture frames, and everything in-between!


So what can we do for you? Everything!


Click ‘start your project’ to begin your Make Room adventure (following a seamless design process that’s simple, fun and accessible) to tell us how we can help bring your favourite Pinterest board to life.

Exactly what you need with no hidden costs; our flexible service adapts to your project without surprises when it comes to the bill.
honest, can-do attitude
We’re experts at making your dream achievable (and affordable!) Starting with a blank page and open ears, we work diligently to find the best solutions for you.
HASSLE FREE AND professional
We’ve designed our services to take the strenuousness out of the design process. You make the decisions and we do the work. 

Sound good?

Click 'start your project' to tell us how we can help and schedule in a free,

no obligation call with our design team. 

barbara's mantra is 



at home

All our work comes with the guarantee:

if you're not happy, we're not done! 

So, how do we work? 





Service menu

traditional interior design & styling

custom pricing 


Service menu

The full Make Room experience for the whole home (or office)! Taking your project all the way from inspiration to installation.

discover how to 



dream home

in five weeks 

with barbara's online styling school 

$350 for lifetime membership 

organise, declutter and learn to 

Keep only those

things that

spark joY

with Singapore’s First Gold Certified KonMari Consultant, dr aparna

exclusive: 3 hour discovery consultation for $250

not sure what you need?

Our design team is on hand to advise you, all you need to do is 'start your project' to tell us how we can help and schedule in a free, no obligation call with us. 

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We were lucky to be recommended Make Room! Barbara and team came up with suggestions, pictures and concrete designs. Most importantly, Make Room took away almost all the stress that comes with any renovation, and delivered a well designed, functional and beautiful place where we felt at home right away.

ben kranen

Every visitor who came to our house will definitely tell us that they love our house and how it was so nicely done up. I'm secretly loving all the compliments from them. I will not hesitate to recommend my friends and family about Make room. Thank you so so much for making my house looking so great and fabulous!

peng yang

The team has been amazing in making my dream home come true! You guys have been super supportive and really put thoughts into how to make it work for me. Huge appreciation to al! :)

shirely law

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