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Tjin Lee's Modern Take On Tropical Colonial Style

When Tjin first reached out to me, I didn't know how adventurous she was going to be with a rental apartment, but once we got to talking, I knew there was very little she wasn't willing to do. Knowing that investing in your home will make you happier and more connected, we left no corner untouched.

Ultimately the only limitations were ensuring we didn't make any permanent or structural changes. So handy vinyl stickers for the checkerboard floor ended up being the starting point to bring to life our modern tropical oasis with classic colonial-inspired touches — afterall, the house is a heritage Black and White!  By now an insta-famous home, the vintage tropical mural that spreads across the living and dining space  has become the perfect backdrop for everything from #ootd's to family hang time.

We sprinkled the rest of the home with a few custom carpentry pieces to create ever-so-useful storage solutions that maximise on the available space, and finished the home with a selection of timeless furniture and modern accesssories. 

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