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Earthy and Warm Family Apartment

Oh, boy! Our client recently downsized, and let us tell you, it was like a classic case of empty nest syndrome! But fret not, because we were determined to create a space that would make this lovely couple feel as homely as ever. They're the ultimate hosts, so we made sure the dining area, living area, and outdoor balcony areas flowed together. Get ready for some serious party vibes, because our clients are itching to start hosting!

The kitchen went through a complete gut renovation and it's a whole new space! But the real game-changer was transforming the existing bathroom into a hidden service area. Genius, right? Oh, and the master bedroom! We knew we had to make it a cozy oasis for the couple. So, of course, we included a lime wash feature wall because, seriously, who can resist that rustic charm? And wait for it—we even managed to squeeze in a cute vanity into the full height cabinets. Talk about the perfect blend of style and functionality!

Our study has become an absolute sensation on Instagram! It's been blowing up with likes and comments, and we are so proud. So, make sure to give it a good look because it's pure eye candy!

Keep scrolling down, because we've got the whole home waiting for you. We poured our hearts and souls into creating this space, and we hope you fall head over heels for it, just like we did. 

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