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Barbara's Home Reveal Part 6: An Eclectic Outdoor Hideaway

We've always been the outdoor-living type of family, and especially with the layout of this semi-detached house — there isn't really an indoor dining room, and the indoor living room is more like a thoroughfare between the entrance, kitchen, and bedrooms. We have always loved cosying up on the sofa outside and watching movies on our projector screen, or long lazy family catch ups over dinner every night, but I've always struggled to keep the area feeling tied together and complete. 

That's partly due to the harsh elements all the furniture is exposed to here. The sun, rain and just general humidity tends to wreak havoc on everything! Add 3 young kids, 2 cats and a dog to the equation and it would seem like I'm attempting the impossible: to create a clean and comfy lounge that we can all enjoy! I've bounced around from the ultra cheap to the more high end furniture, and I think I've finally found a solution I'm comfortable with. With the main concern being the large corner sofa that we tend to sink into for hours a day, I've invested in an IKEA sofa with removable covers. That way the most expensive element will last, and the covers can be thrown into the wash anytime to kids do their damage or the humidity starts to wear it down. As for the rest of the styling elements, it's been a real mix but always working with neutrals and natural materials which makes the whole area feel more grounded and calming — the perfect backdrop for the busyness of this high-traffic, well-loved heart of the home!

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