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Airy Optimism Meets Laid-Back Luxe

In a way, this project was the perfect reminder for why I founded Make Room a decade ago. Our client came to us after renovating her whole house aboslutely beautifully. With a keen eye for clean lines and modern simplicity, everything was finished to perfection. There was one problem however — the house didn't feel like a home for her and her family. 

A little piece of my heart breaks when I hear someone has spent months and months (and plenty of money!) on a home that doesn't feel complete or comfortable. A lot of the major pieces of furniture were either new or in great condition, so we made sure to re-use as much as possible which included relocating sofas, armchairs, rugs and consoles. In the end, a lick of paint, a couple accent throw cushions and some careful space planning was all it took to inject life and peronality into this gorgeous, modern home.

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