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A Scandinavian-Hamptons Twist

For this spacious 3-bedroom condo, our clients were eager to create a family home their little ones were comfortable in without compromising on creating a space of calm and serenity for the grown ups, too. Since we were working with a rented unit, there was a limit to how much change we could make. So without hacking any walls or floors, we designed a stunning bar for the adults and a simple and clean built-in storage system for the family room, as well as a comfy bench with hidden storage beneath. One of our favourite elements however was adding in shutters for all the windows - such a simple but super effective way to inject style and character without the cost of hacking down walls. With a love for neutral colours and light wood, we painted the living room walls a serene taupe colour to create a little bit of contrast in the space. By adding a deep navy blue in the family room, the space becomes much cosier and playful, differentiating itself from the rest of the house.

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