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A Feminine, Whimsical Escape

Step into the serene embrace of this brand new condo, freshly developed yet lacking that distinct touch, a common sotry of modern spaces. Our mission? To infuse it with warmth and personality, transforming it into a haven of comfort tailored to our client. Without setting foot on-site until the design journey started, we braced ourselves for a few surprises along the way, but nothing that our team could not handle!

Introducing rich wood flooring, a pivotal move that instantly elevated the ambiance, setting the stage for a palette dominated by pastels, making the space filled with feminine charm. Delicate accents, from the bobbin side table to the soft folds of pleated lampshades introduce subtle curves.

One difficulty was space planning. We had to fit a MASSIVE grand piano which is a huge focal point of the home so we knew it had to find it's perfect space.  It now has its very own room for endless hours of musicality for the family. 

And if you look closely, you will notice the bathroom is very similar to a previous project of our but with a tad bit more of curves! 

Scroll on by and take in this whimsical and feminine energy :)

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