The Make Room guide to finding your 

interior style


identify your style 

Start your project by discovering your own unique style.


You may identify with one clear style like Scandinavian or Classic, or you may love features of several and want to blend them in you home - there are no rules! 

Try and find yours with our quiz.

find what  you LOVE

Once you understand your style, you can begin to build a collection of images of spaces you find inspiring and things you love 


Once you have a few images, begin to identify style trends and common themes. 

Find inspiration in our portfolio, and use your styles as a search term on Pinterest and Instagram. 



start  your project

You've discovered your style and identified what you like, now it's time to start your project! 

Tell us a bit more about your project and schedule in a free consultation call with our expert team.

the make room

Free Interior Style Guide

interior style


Interior Style is the way you express yourself in the spaces around you.

At Make Room, we're a team of styling and design experts on a mission to help upgrade and adapt these spaces in your home so they can beautifully express your personality and needs.  

Whether you're planning a DIY room makeover or calling in experts for help, the first step of a project is to understand your style. Download our Ultimate Guide to Interior Styles and check out our tips below to get started.