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The Ultimate Tropical Boho-Chic Home

Boldly unafraid of colour, pattern and texture, but unsure of where to start or how to make the first move, this lovely Dutch client reached out to us to help style her rental apartment near Holland Village. Having recently moved to Singapore with three little ones, she was eager to make this huge, spacious - and empty- apartment feel like home not just for her, but for the kids. She already had pretty much all the main furniture and decor elements, but with more space than she was used to, it was up to us to help her tie it all together and create a cohesive style throughout the airy apartment. We knew we had to paint a few walls and we’re so glad she took the risk with a deep navy blue for the living room, a gorgeous dusty grey-lavender for the master bedroom, and a funky turquoise ombré wall for the family TV room that clashes perfectly with the bright yellow sofa! New artwork was also key for the bare walls, and we stuck to the tropical boho feel with prints of plants, flowers, and animals. The finishing touches that arguably made the most impact were large and loud plants scattered around the living room, balcony, dining room and bedroom. helping blur the line between outside and inside and really emphasise the tropical wonderland vibes she so wanted!

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