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A Complete Japandi Overhaul

Guess what folks?! Our client from 2020 have come back for a revamp!

Our first time working on this home there were a lot of colours and youthful approach but this time round they wanted a space that felt more Japandi, peaceful and mature.

Whether it’s a family growing or simply a change in your personal interior style, going for a revamp makes total sense. And it’s not as time consuming as you think. Notice how we have kept a few elements from 4 years ago like the rug, chairs and dining table. But with this game-changer - vinyl overlay, limewash walls and some new furniture, the entire home is now giving off the vibe our clients wanted.

And oh, the cherry on top - the marble coffee table. We handpicked this beauty for it’s graphic veins which add an irresistible edge to the existing interior.

Stay tuned on our instagram to watch this home unfold!

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