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A Bold and Colourful Urban Apartment

For this Dutch jet-setting couple, the priority was to create an inspiring, welcoming and cosy home for a modern family. With two teen kids, we turned the guest room into a gender-neutral den that is the perfect space for netflix-ing, chilling, and catching up on bits of homework. The brick wallpaper acts as a feature wall that creates warmth and texture without labeling it a girls or boys room, but one that feels a little more industrial and cool. The rest of the house plays off bold colours we see in modern European design, so while we re-used some exisiting furniture like the giant sofa and antique wooden entryway cabinet, we injected new life into the space with stunning wall colours and softer accents like cushions. Because this was a styling project, we didn’t bother changing the doors or flooring, but we did throw in some carpentry in the master bedroom, by getting rid of a built in desk and instead opted for a much more inviting reading nook bench. We wanted to make it feel as seamless as possible so we matched the laminate to the existing wardrobe and voilá!

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