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Urban Chic Shoe Box Living

In the redesign of this Studio Apartment along River Valley Road, the brief from the clients was to make better use of the existing small square footage to create a functional and practical home for them. Essentially a shoe-box living space, we set out to ‘’reformat’’ the apartment and its functions, so as to accommodate a user-friendly kitchen, a more generous living and dining space, and be able to integrate a study area that will function as a baby room in the future. Leveraging the existing architectural finishes, we applied splashes of dark blue and white to complement the urban-industrial look. A major part of the overhaul in this project involved taking out the existing kitchen and relocating it to the under-utilised front balcony – which gave the space good natural light, more storage and usable workspace. To enhance the living and dining area, we also worked closely with the clients to customize light fixtures fitted out with energy-saving designer bulbs. Through the redesign of the apartment, we achieved a lot more storage and a better flow in the space that caters to the couple’s everyday needs.

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