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Modern Classic Interior with a Playful Twist

When this lovely family came to us, there was one thing on their mind: a complete overhaul of their 3 bedroom condo to remove all the existing built-in furniture and help inject new life into the home. The unit oozes with natural light and greenery outside, so we wanted to play on those ideas and keep the colour palette quite neutral but still playful and positive. Our client’s favourite colour is blue so we used that as them throughout the living room, dining room, kitchen and study, but went much more muted with shades of grey for the chic master bedroom and bathroom. By doing away with all the built-in furniture, we created a more cohesive flow from room to room, but the biggest factor in creating that flow was to hack the kitchen wall. Now the house oozes with warmth and personality, while still maintaining and air of timelessness.

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