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Eclectic Mid Century Home Design

Meet our fantastic client who came our way through a recommendation from @anita.mackenzie, a home stylist who had worked with the client before. This home needed a comprehensive renovation and Anita was confident that we would be the best choice for delivering on the client’s ambition for an eclectic and stylish home. So we stepped in and took on the extensive remodelling of the whole home while Anita styled a fantastic master bedroom and sourced suitable pieces for the living room with our design as a backdrop!

Now, let's talk about this unit. It was a real fixer-upper, showing signs of age, especially being so close to the ocean. At first glance, we knew it needed a lot of love. But when we rolled up our sleeves, we realized that virtually everything needed a refresh, except for those marble floors. A little polish worked wonders.

Our client's taste is quirky and fabulous so we brought her love for colour, patterns, and upcycling to life, creating an eclectic masterpiece. We intentionally kept most of the walls warm white to let the furniture's colours and textures shine.

We can't spill all the details in this tiny blurb. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog, where we spill all the design details of this project and more. Until then, keep scrolling and stay inspired! 🏡🌟

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