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Charming Shophouse at Club Street

A styling client wanted a comfortable and personalized home base that will suit his lifestyle, as well as have the apartment double-up to house an attractive guest room. The project resulted in a dynamic, urban and fun space, all set within the hustle and bustle of the Club Street area. Enter Peek through the main door and be welcomed by a huge hand-drawn mural that narrates the story of the owner’s travel adventures and local icons of Singapore. The hallway leads to the guest room, complemented with a custom pallet breakfast bar looking out to the air well distinctive to conservation shop houses. Designed to be a home-away-from-home environment, guests can rest against a neon-yellow skyline back drop, or enjoy a book on the bench. The key objective of the guest room was to allow guests to feel right at home, and to encourage them to explore the area and of course the rest of the colourful city. Designed for entertaining, the main living room has a cheery and playful tone to it. Alternatively, the owner can also hang out with friends at the attic amidst a large slouchy sofa and fuchsia pink bean bag. Aimed to be a monochromatic space, the owner’s bedroom is a calming retreat incorporated with a mix of white and grey elements, accentuated with a custom-made pallet bed platform to add to the already rustic charm of the shop house.

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