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Barbara's Home Reveal Part 7: Minimalism Meets Jungle Teen Girls Bedroom

Now that my two youngest have their own rooms upstairs, in what used to be the master bedroom, my eldest daughter Sam inherited this spacious downstairs bedroom. Besides from a lovely new wardrobe, we went light on the renovation work in here. Sam is just entering her teenagehood and if she is anything like her mother, there are going to be many iterations of this room in the coming years! We brought the outside in with a statement painted wall extending up to the ceiling, and relied heavily on styling to bring out Sam's warm and joyful personality while still keeping it light and airy. 

Because sustainability was a big focus for me in this renovation, I reused as much furniture and decor as possible, and as it turns out, almost nothing new was bought in here, yet Sam has a whole new room! The bed, bedside table & lamp, vanity desk & chair, slim tall cabinet, pendant light and black accent chair are all existing pieces we owned and I love how they all work together! (For those of you doing the math; yup that's right, only the rug and curtains are new!)

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