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Barbara's Home Reveal Part 5: My Bold Home Library

Perhaps the boldest room in the house, welcome to my library/home office! I must admit, this room took the longest to figure out. I had a clear vision for every other area of the home, but because I think the location of this room in particular is what had me stuck for a while. But holy moly, am I glad with how it has turned out!

This room is actually the entry of the home, basically. It's the room everyone enters in order to get to their bedrooms and the kitchen. We're constantly using it as a thoroughfare so because of all of that, I was a bit stumped on how to tie everything together. I planned the room around the full height, wall to wall bookcase we built around the windows on the left handside. I went for Lamitak's Passion Red, a gorgeous deep burgdundy laminate that really brought some life into the room (I knew I wasn't going to bother touching the existing white floor tiles). I had initially painted the remaining walls a soft griege colour to allow the bookcase to shine, but couldn't help feeling the room wasn't tied together.

I decided to go all out, re-painting the walls AND the ceiling in a matching paint to the bookcase. This made the bookcase feel more integrated with the room, and my favourite part is the way the view out the windows now is like a piece of art in itself! 

Speaking of art, once I started to hang my gallery wall, I found my new colour crush: cobalt blue. I have one piece of art that is bright, vivid blue and seeing it against my new burgundry wall made me confident I had made the right choice, and I went ahead and ordered 2 armchairs in the same colour!

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