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Barbara's Home Reveal Part 3: Understated Cool Boys Room

Welcome to the second half of my old bedroom! Hopefully by now you can start to piece the puzzle together and see how we split this large room into two smaller rooms, so my youngest kids finally get their own private space to call their own. 

For my sons room, I wanted to keep it a little cooler with the colour palette, so we painted the walls this gorgeous sky blue colour from Dulux, and used a lovely moss green laminate by Lamitak for the built-in elements, and re-used old wood and rattan furniture/accessories that really help bring the room together. It's boyish and cool, with enough room for him to grow and develop. I love how the colours in this room really play on the tropical colours outside the windows!

If you had a peek at my daugher Pippa's room next door, you'll have noticed her dresser area was more shallow than her bed, and this is where we've placed green niche for my son to keep his growing toy collection!

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