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An Eclectic Family Home

A family home for five is designed with a modern eclectic aesthetic in mind. In the re-design of the space, a new kitchen that is clean-lined, open and functional complements the airy living and dining space. Carefully selected furniture pieces work flexibly for the family in terms of display,  functionality and storage. Pops of blue and yellow help to brighten up the living space and its neutral off-white walls. Each room is designed with the inhabitants in mind – from a playful bedroom for two younger boys, to a cozy work and lounge space in the family room on the attic floor, every space aims to cater to each, if not all family members. A plus point to the home would be the roof terrace that connects the outside environment to the Master Bedroom and Family Room; providing the boys with plenty of space to play, a workout area for the adults, or the occasional barbeque with guests. Similarly, the clean and modern design is also translated at the roof terrace.

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