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An Eclectic Cool HDB

This lovely client definitely wasn’t afraid of colour so we were excited to do something a bit more daring and fun. We completely re-designed the kitchen and opted for one long countertop to maximise the floor space. We used this beautiful pastel green colour for an unexpected surprise and then added a concrete grey floor for a cool, industrial feel. The white backsplash tiles are the finishing touch for the modern and funky vibe without being overpowering in any way. We love the sleek black-framed sliding door that separate the kitchen from the dining room - we’re all about statement design pieces in this home but keeping it neutral enough so that not one element calls for attention more than the other! We were lacking a bit of natural light in this HDB so we opted for a bright yellow wall colour,  with a lighter strip on top for that two-tone dimensionality. We worked some of the client existing furniture and sourced a few new items to tie everything together for a more cohesive look.

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