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An Earthy, Minimalist Casa with Mediterranean Influence

Our clients for this cosy home are newlyweds with clear vision for their home - bright, sustainable, calming with a touch of bohemian. With such a distinct brief, we quickly knew the colour palette should be simple and influenced by earth, while the materials and finishes would be made up of natural products likes wood and rattan. We used hemp and linen for the shoe cupboard and dining pendant as a soft and unique way of introducing another raw and natural texture.

When we started renovations on this 2 bedroom apartment unit, there was more built in carpentry than you could ever image. There were multiple hidden Murphy beds in the 2 bedrooms, wallpaper everywhere and very dated bathrooms. The tiled floor throughout the open plan living/dining/kitchen area made the home feel cold and sterile, so we chose to overlay a lovely wood-tone vinyl floor to bring instant warmth to the space. And instead of laying it straight, we opted for a pretty herringbone pattern to add some visual interest as we knew all the other finishes and stylist choices would be kept minimal and nuetral. Plus it shines beautifully next to the statement entrance floor where we installed a goregous hexagon terracotta tile for instantly transports you to a chic Mediterranean boutique resort!

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