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A Stunning Contemporary Apartment

This lovely client came to us not long before the world was turned upside down by COVID-19. He recently got his keys to this bright, newly-developed, 3 bedroom unit in the East Coast, and needed a hand with styling and a few minor carpentry and electrical tidbits to transform this bare unit into a cosy home full of personality.

Our clients brief wasn’t hugely specific when he came to us, with two exceptions: a) he was clearly drawn to colour and b) we needed to work with some of the Feng Shui requirements. We’re no stranger to either! We were excited to bring Montana Furniture into the living room and guest bedroom, and we designed and built a metal partition in brushed brass finish behind the sofa to divide the two room as per the Fung Shui Master’s request to create two separate rooms. The most iconic design element in this chic and elegant home though has got to be the Parisian-inspired wall paneling. It immediately dresses the space, allowing the home to ooze confidence and class.

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