Ultimate City Guide: Marrakech


I was going through old files the other day and realised I never really did anything with my Morocco photos! I went on a retreat in Marrakech with some amazing people, thanks to Beth Kirby from Local Milk. It was an intensive course about business strategy, digital marketing, and all that good stuff! I was so inspired the entire time in Marrakech, so here are some of my favourite photos I wanted to share. Scroll through for some top tips if you plan on visiting the city any time soon!


I went to Morocco with lots of expectations for the types of photographs I was going to take. I don’t think I’m the only one that was like that either - Marrakech seems to be all over everyone’s Instagram and Pinterest these days so I was hoping to recreate those same images. I’m glad I quickly let that go once I got there though, because I ended up seeing and experiencing the city through my own lens, and not another influencers’. I surprised myself with the angles and frames I came up with - you can’t go wrong with all those stunning tiles and gorgeous warm pink and red tones!


One of my favourite experiences in Marrakech was checking out all the different riads. When you walk around the old quarter, the medina, you walk past lots of random doors that seemingly lead to nowhere. Once you walk through though, it’s like a whole new world! Riads are old houses essentially, all with a gorgeous courtyard (some with pools, most with rooftops!) and on average about 3 floors of rooms, now turned into boutique hotels. Keep scrolling to download out free Marrakech city guide with all the juicy details on the various riads, but also plenty tips on where to eat and what to see and do!


Still thirsty for more amazing Marrakech tips and tricks? We’ve put together the ultimate city guide just for you. The best part? It’s free! Click the button below to download the digital e-book right now!

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