Quick Guide to Different Interior Styles

Minimal. Modern. Scandinavian. Trendy.

What do all these words really mean?! We often end up using the same words to describe completely different styles that what we actually had in mind. And with all these gorgeous pictures of stunning homes floating around the Pinterest world, the styles themselves often all end up blending into one big beautiful mess!

So we’re here to break down 4 key trends we’re seeing everywhere these days:

moroccan boho.png

Doesn’t it feel like everyone on your Instagram is in Marrakech these days?! Well now you can bring a touch of Morocco into your home with dusty pink pillows, layered rugs, rattan baskets and maybe even throw in a cool pouf for good measure!

industrial chic.png

When it comes to industrial living spaces, think of mixing lots of natural elements, textures and materials. A combination of steel, concrete, brick and leather in a large light-filled space is sure to be a visual treat!

retro amercian.png

Back in trend these days is mid-century, classic Americana furniture. A reupholstered muted olive green sofa, plenty of wood-y furniture, clashing patterned cushions and a good dose of funky wall art will re-create a scene straight out of Mad Men!

zen minimalism.png

This might be the hardest one to achieve of them all! Time to Marie Kondo and strip everything down to the bare essentials. Stick to neutral tones and natural materials like light oak wood.


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-The Make Room team


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