The Color Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2020

You heard it here first - colour is back! I’m not sure it actually ever went away, but I don’t think 2020 will be shy when it comes to some bolder, more daring colours. While there is definitely a quite a vast range of different tones, shades and hues, there are some recurring themes tying it all together. Think earth-based tones, dusty and dirty and oh-so-beautiful! The end result will create a sense of well-being, balance and peace. “2020 marks the start of a new decade, and with that comes a desire for balance—both at home and at work," Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. "These approachable and comfortable colors create a bridge between living and working spaces, with honest hues that homeowners and commercial designers alike will connect with.

Scroll through the check out what colours we are predicting to be the most popular (and simply, stunning) in 2020, how we’ve started using them already, and how you can incorporate it into your own home or space.

dusty pink colour trend 2020.png

We'll be seeing a lot more of the earthy, warm, autumnal colours that are starting to pop up now towards the end of 2019. We're seeing plenty of rust, terracotta, burnt orange, dusty pinks, and these muted warm tones emerge not just in home decor, such as stools, vases, cushions and the likes, but also more boldly in wall paint. The dusty pink trend is a take on the milennial pink that has had a massive success over recent years. By adding a more muted, dirty feel to the colour, it takes on another persona, perhaps one with more maturity and character. Pick up on the various shades by splashing it on the wall, or bringing it in with accessories and decor.

earthy sandy colour trend 2020.png

I seriously believes the minimalism trend won't be going anywhere in 2020, but by painting a wall or a whole room in a bold colour like a muted sandy beige or a pale olive green, you can still achieve the minimal look but with a bit more character and style. Gone are the days of all white everything - in 2020, don’t be shy with colour. Besides the cool earthy tones just described, some warmer hues are going to be making a big statement in 2020.


Perhaps my favourite colour trend right now belongs to the terracotta, rusty reds and burnt orange family. Still an earthy tone so still relating to the sandy beige and nude-toned family but a warmer take. Even this palette has a wide range of shades - it can lean towards red and vivid, or muted and brown-like. This tonal colour works beautifully as a wall paint but also in rugs, sofas, cushion covers and other various home accessories and furnishing elements.

blue and plum trend 2020.png

Think stronger, darker navy blues, as well as pale and dusty grey-greens, muted turquoise, dirty sky blue. We're seeing all of this emerge in the later half of 2019, but one colour family that will really make a statement in 2020 that you might not have noticed yet, is the purples! Everything from deep reddish purples, to bright and bold plum colours, all the way back to the muted and dusty qualities of lilac, lavender, light purple with a tinge of grey, will be popping up on walls and soft furnishings for the home. I’m always looking to fashion for inspiration and trend-spotting, and it's evident already purple is going to have a big moment in 2020. Don't forget, opposites attract! So for 2020, be daring and trendy: mix your classical blue and white chinaware with a modern and minimal earthy toned dining room for example.

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