Vintage-Scandinavian Style

When designing an interior, it is always essential to recognize the style that you would like to express into your space. In Make Room – we love to incorporate Scandinavian Style in our interior projects, so much so that it has become a part of our identity. Continue reading if you would like to explore more on vintage-scandinavian style!

In Scandinavian style itself, there are many types of sub-categories. We wrote an article about the different styles here, and there is still a plenty of it which we have yet to explore in addition to that. The more modern common ones are Bohemian-Scandinavian, Scandinavian-Chic & Industrial-Scandinavian. It all depends on the mood you would like to bring into your space.

After figuring out the type of Scandinavian style you are into, let’s get the basics right first – to keep it light. Light floors and light walls. We love to add a little fun by having accent walls – this could range from pastels to even darker hues like navy or army green. But we typically keep the rest of the walls white to make the space look visually bigger and brighter.

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This is where the fun part comes in. Choosing the right vintage element in your space. Depending on the Scandinavian style you are into, a vintage piece can generally blend well into any Scandinavian style if it is done right. It can either look good as a stand alone or matched with other vintage and modern pieces. What we love about vintage pieces is how it adds a shift in monotony in a modern space. Although Scandinavian styles usually involves sleek and clean elements, it can also includes the play of materials and textures which makes it very interesting, and the reason why vintage pieces can fit in so effortlessly.

The last, which we find a necessity and something that we love doing -styling. A vintage piece will look good with the right styling. A huge portion of what makes Scandinavian style enticing is the various amount of details that makes a space well-composed. This includes planters, baskets, lanterns, jars and the list can go on! If you would like more Scandinavian-vintage styling tips and ideas, do pop down and shop in our Make Room store – as we carry vintage pieces and accessories and we are more than happy to provide some advices on styling them the right way!

We hope you found this article useful and do tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #makeroomsingapore if you managed to give some of our tips and ideas a try! We look forward to seeing some creative ways you design your space and it may even be featured by us! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

-The Make Room team


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