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The home office is one of the areas we tend to spend more time in. This however is one of the areas that occasionally needs more attention as it can get cluttered easily with all the office clutter and might look like a pile of mess. In this article we’d like to share some office storage solutions to make your home office looking neat and mess-free!

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Of course, the basic and most obvious solution would be modular shelvings. It allows to stack and store much  more storage than an ordinary office desk would. It also allows a form of display for books, plants and little quirky items. Though this might have the potential to make your office looking neat, it also has the potential to look disastrous if not neatly arranged and giving it a good spring-cleaning and de-cluttering once in awhile.

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Another obvious solution – bottom cabinets. If you are certain that you would be able to manage a desk without them, that’s great! But for most of us – it would be a great storage and space-saving solution. This helps to de-clutter the office desk, leaving smaller miscellaneous items out of sight. We would preferably recommend bottom cabinets with drawers instead of open shelves to achieve a much neater look.

Sometimes styling the office desk can be a huge motivation to actually do work…at least that’s how we feel about it. This involves smaller items such as stationery holders, a letter stand, things you basically need for easy reach. This all boils down to good organizing skills. We feel that we like organizers from Muji, Stylodeco, Cluster-cluster and even those from our very own store! Depending on the look that you are heading for – from simple and sleek or a more organized clutter look to display your items.


Then there are the more bulkier things that just looks better hidden and stored away from sight. Those items that you would just love to chuck in a corner yet still have it easily accessible. We think baskets and boxes are the only solution. A nice-looking basket can potentially store a lot of miscellaneous junk of photo albums, paper rolls etc. wire baskets or a printed storage bag adds more style to it! We currently love the paper bag storage idea too as it comes in various prints and designs, the best part they are eco-friendly too!

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-The Make Room team


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