Marie Kondo - “KonMari” Method

What better way to finish the storage month with some wise words from the expert. Marie Kondo, an organizing consultant and author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, changed the way how people tidy and has become “the world most organized woman.” Marie Kondo, who developed the KonMari Method teaches us a new approach to de-cluttering based on Japanese values, which includes the spirit of Zen. She enlightened us that Belongings are to be acknowledged for their service and thanked before being discarded, if they no longer spark joy. In this article, we will show you how to incorporate the KonMari Method to de-clutter and organize spaces in your homes.

The main tip here is to tidy by category instead of location. Before you start tidying and reorganizing your spaces, you need to categorize the items accordingly such as Toiletries, Kitchenware, Clothing, and Stationary or it will start to look disastrous as items are scattered all around the house.

Ever wonder the reason why there seems to be not enough space in the drawers for you to fill up your clothing? Here’s another solution for you guys to learn from! Marie Kondo encourages us to fold clothes instead of hanging them as she feels that clothes are happier folded in a dresser. She had taught us the art of folding clothes by providing love to the clothes you fold and to always keep them upright in a vertical position. By folding clothes vertically, you can save tons of space in your drawers, your clothing will be less wrinkly, you can see everything with a glance, identify which clothing are the ones you should keep and attain the satisfaction of keeping your clothes tidy and clean.

Sometimes, de-cluttering the closet takes a great effort and care as it can get tricky. The trick to decluttering your closet is by asking yourself which of these items sparks joy? This ensure your closet to be kept to the minimal and not look messy and unkempt. After identification, you proceed into categorizing your items accordingly, whether they are clothes, shoes, handbags and etc. You should always provide ample breathing spaces between each clothing so that you would not have that awkward arm wrestling with the rack.


One of Marie Kondo’s solution to having a spacious and organised drawer is by inserting dividers in between, allowing more storage for your miscellaneous such as Fashion Accessories, Toiletries, Underwear and Stationary. In this way, you are able to categorize the items accordingly and allocate enough spaces for each categories. Hence, you are able to treat your items with utmost respect and will not need to be afraid of getting your stuff squashed in a corner.

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