How to Style Vintage Furniture In A Modern Interior

Everything you buy for the home — furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork — can be plotted on a historical timeline. An item’s age is key to determine its value, in combination with its condition, quality, and relative rarity. Vintage furniture is representative and recognizable as belonging to the era in which it was made. Now the important question is: How do we incorporate vintage furniture into a modern interior? Here we give some tips! Read on.

The one main tip is not to be afraid. Fancy a vintage piece but you’re worried it might look out of place together with your modern furniture? An advice from an interior stylist: get it …. a vintage piece is always worth it – it has history, character and a story to tell.


Every vintage piece gives your home an unique look.
Buying vintage gives you the chance to decorate in your own unique style. You have a chance to pick and choose pieces and combine them into a look that is your very own. You can also be creative in how you choose to refurbish or refinish the pieces you find to give them a certain look

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Don’t be afraid to mix different styles. For smaller vintage furniture like coffee tables, side tables or chairs, mix them with more modern sleek furniture. This is a great way to give the space more character. Placing smaller accessories like a tray and a glass jar with flowers will pull the whole look together.

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If multiple styles are incorporated strategically throughout the room, it’s easier for the eye to accept.  Balance can also be created through color, scale, pattern, texture and line. To make the space your own, combine these elements in unexpected ways. Find items that are unified through these elements to create appealing displays throughout the room.

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