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We feel like it’s been a while since we last shared some styling tips. Here we have some basic styling ideas for that little corner of your house that can do with some sprucing up! Enjoy reading!

foyer styling.png

A space often mis-looked, creating an inviting entrance way not only makes it look appealing, but it can be practical as well. The basics would usually be a seating, mirror, and a form of wall-mounted hooks. Now that we have identified these 3 elements, we love to get creative with them. Depending on preference,  you can explore the way you would like to hang your mirror, the type of wall hooks (there are some really funky wall hooks!) paired with a simple bench or stool, to complete the entryway. Now you would just need to source for a basket to store your keys and maybe position a potted plant to give life to the small area.

kitchen storage styling.png

Sometimes instead of storing all your kitchen accessories in the cabinet, displaying them the right way can spice up the look of your kitchen. If you have a bare wall and you’re not too sure what to do about it – a great tip would be to install shelvings to showcase mugs, plates that colour coordinates with your entire space, or perhaps hang your cutlery on a wall-mounted rod – this can be pretty functional as well!

bookshelf styling.png

If you tend to have a lot of books and would like to display them, here are different methods on how to. We can resort to the conventional shelvings and brackets, or a more sophisticated bookshelf, like one of our current favourites – the ladder bookshelf. Or if you would like to display more accessories as well we like the idea of square unit boxes…for a more raw and budget-friendly look why not stack together crate boxes for your book storage and little things?

The 3 basic elements for this area would be a bedside furniture, this could come in a form of a bedside table or even a stool to store your most often read books, and a bedside lamp. We tend to play around with these 3 elements, essentially making sure that we choose the right bedside table/stool. We can already start to be creative in selecting this piece, as sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to literally be a table/stool…it can even be a shelf, if you would like it to be wall-hung. We often neglect walls as storage, but another cool way is to even have your magazines suspended by leather straps!

We hope you found this article useful and do tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #makeroomsingapore if you managed to give some of our tips and ideas a try! We look forward to seeing some creative ways you design your space and it may even be featured by us! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

-The Make Room team


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