Balcony Styling Ideas


The initial step to styling your balcony is to figure out what exactly you would like to do in the space. Envision and incorporate your lifestyle into it. This could be a lounging space for you and your family, a reading area or even a working space. First determine what you would like to do the space, then we can get started on the fun bit!

Next we determine the style. Yes, even with such a small space, we would suggest to collate some ideas of styles that you tend to be drawn to – not to worry if this isn’t comparable to your living area per say,  as the balcony is literally your outdoor oasis.

colour and lighting.png

To create an ambience we love to play with wall colours. White walls in the balcony creates an airy vibe, but if you’d like to add some fun to it, why not create a feature wall with a bright bold colour? In addition to that, the right lighting sets the right mood. In Make Room, we almost never suggest white lighting as it creates a harsh atmosphere and instead would suggest warm yellow lighting. To create a more intimate and cozy space we love using fairy lights – yes they aren’t only used for Christmas!


To bring out the style of a space – the selection of furniture & accessories (especially accessories) is important. 2 armchairs and coffee table in the balcony alone will not bring out the style of a space, but furniture paired with different coloured or patterned cushions, rugs and upholstery brings in the essence of the style you are going for. Accessories like a vase of flowers, a picture frame and even a tray helps to bring a space together looking complete.

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-The Make Room team


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