Plant Styling Solutions for Every Room


Whether it’s a simple potted plant on a bedside table or a jungle-like boudoir with a wild mix of greenery, every bedroom will benefit from a touch of green. They also break up the look of tall beds and add an interesting focal point in the room.


Bathrooms are usually small, but think of it as an opportunity rather than a problem, and get creative with greenery. Does it have a high ledge, a windowsill or a perfectly placed ceiling hook that you’ve never used? In small bathrooms, focus on making the most of your space. Hang air plants on the wall, fill windowsills with a mix of pots and place medium-sized plants on the floor to help break up the space.


Kitchens are usually a great spot for houseplants. Most plants enjoy bright conditions that are out of direct sunlight, and kitchens usually have at least one of these spots. There’s also generally space for plants to spread out – shelves windowsills, benches, cabinetry, or, at the very least, the top of the fridge. But the kitchen’s real secret to successfully housing plants is that we are in it a lot, everyday. With so much time spent in and out of the kitchen, this becomes second nature.

living room.png

The living room is usually one of the biggest rooms in a house and it meets a lot of needs. It’s used for hanging out, relaxing and entertaining guests. It has to be inspiring yet relaxing, comfortable yet memorable and, of course, always a pleasure to spend time in. Styling with large indoor plants make them a focal point of a room. Plants that almost touch the ceiling adds drama and scale that you can’t get from furniture. Another tip would be to make the most of established trailing plants and attach them to wall hooks to create a living, breathing artwork.

We love these tips from the book Plant Style by Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal of Ivy Muse.  We hope you found this article useful and do tag us on Instagram or Facebook with #makeroomsingapore if you managed to give some of our tips and ideas a try! We look forward to seeing some creative ways you design your space and it may even be featured by us! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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