4 Interior Trends to Watch out for this 2018


The biggest shift is the change in colour trend, moving towards the direction of bright and stronger hues, shades that are more flamboyant. This return to colour goes together with a return to the Eighties and its strong design and colour scheme.

line play.png

For the new year, geometric patterns are expected to become a dramatic presence. This is a trend that will help make a bold statement in any room as it forms a nice contrast against a neutral setting or a play of colours.


In concurrent with bright colours, a trend that is popping up exudes a retro vibe. Retro qualities such vintage furniture, shag rugs, velvet upholstery and lush timbers are being re-appreciated.

gold fever.png

Copper disappears more and more into the background and makes room for gold. With the combination of the above trends, adding elements of gold fits in perfectly to a space, creating a new form of luxury in design.

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